November 4th, 2007

Today paulogy.com is alive.

After gestating for 9 months (or more?), this site is finally being revealed to the world and allowed to roam free. And apparently you’re reading it, so welcome.

“What? Paul has a blog? No way!”

Well, yes and no. I told myself I’d never have a blog (because in general I think they’re kind of stupid) but as you’ll hopefully see, this site is a little different. Before you (t)read any further, there are some things you should know:

1. paulogy (”the studies of paul”) is intended to be a way to log what I feel are landmark events in my life. Things I’ve accomplished, major influences/milestones, and the occasional stray thought. A directory of my past and present projects, within an online “life log”, of sorts. For an explanation as to what this site really is to me, read this.

2. What you will probably not see here:

  • Articles that are simple regurgitated from other places (I’m trying to stick to my own material here - we’ll see if I can keep it up - after all I’ve got a whole lifetime to work with)
  • Daily links that I find funny (chances are you get these from me via email already anyway)
  • Meta news (there are plenty of sites that compile news way better than I ever could)
  • Advertisements (if you want to give me some money, that’s great - but simply not what this site is for :-)
  • Daily updates posted in chronological order (first, not sure how frequently I will update, and second, new posts may appear in the present or in the past - see why here)
  • What I ate for breakfast (while yummy for me, boring for you)

3. What you probably will see here:

  • Some really cool projects that I worked on (or helped work on)
  • Discussions about these projects (including the ability to rate them)
  • Memories from my childhood, adulthood, and everything else in between
  • Retellings of antics and adventures I’ve wound up in over the years (usually with friends - possibly with pictures)
  • Entries that are posted anachronistically (if you get lost, you can catch up here)
  • Gratuitous photos of grilled cheese sandwiches (what?)
  • Me making every effort possible to prevent this from being “yet another stupid blog”

So essentially, paulogy will serve as a dumping grounds for all my crazy endeavors past and present, and as a keystone for the life events that got me (t)here.  It is a searchable living memoir that is building every day.  It is a digital legacy slowly unfolding - with the ability for you, the casual web surfer, to reminisce, respond, and contribute.

As you participate in my life, you add to my life log.  As you participate in my life log, you add to my life.  Have something you think I should add?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Want to be one of the first to know whenever there’s a new post?  You can receive updates by email (don’t worry, it’s usually once every couple of weeks, if I’m lucky).  Or, if fancy RSS readers are your thing, you can subscribe to my feed, too.

Some people have journals. Portfolios. Scrapbooks. I have websites.

So feel free to take a look around - let me know what you think. Although keep in mind the paint is still fresh, so please watch where you step :-).


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2 comments for “Welcome”

  1. Hi Paul! Cool concept, but right now your “life” consists of only the projects that you’ve done. I hope you also plan on putting something more personal as well; I think that is what people are more interested in.

  2. I just signed up to subscribe..this is an amazing site!

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