Every Place I Have Ever Lived

February 1st, 2000

As an early assignment for Architecture 132 - a class at Cornell I chose to take in part because it filled a history requirement, and because I’ve always been somewhat interested in architecture - we were asked to draw “every place we have ever lived”.  For me that was somewhat easy since, up until college, I had spent my whole life in the same house.  The point, I think, was to reconsider what is needed in a dwelling, and to compare our relatively lavish houses to a gallery of “primitive huts” we had just learned about.  Or something.  Admittedly, the well-attended course wasn’t that well-organized or coherent.

Regardless, it was an opportunity to draw again.  Something I hadn’t spent nearly enough time doing since my days in middle school.  So, with much excitement I chronicled my various dwellings, from childhood up until the present (as of Spring 2000).

So check out the following Flickr photoset to see the sketches, as well as some thoughts about the places I’ve drawn:

Every Place I Have Ever Lived

Arch 132 - Spring 2000


And if a Flickr set is just not your thing, you can also see the drawings here (but you’ll be missing all the comments).


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One comment for “Every Place I Have Ever Lived”

  1. In hindsight, if I was looking for some additional subject matter, I could also have drawn my mother’s uterus, considering I spent 9 months of my life there. An idea so grand it took me 9 years to think up.

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