Introducing… Katarina

October 13th, 2007

[ with kitten ]

Day 1

After months and months of searching (and waiting) for the right kitty, we have finally found her!  She’s an 8-week-old, part Maine Coon, medium-haired kitten - and she’s absolutely adorable.  We named her “Katarina” (Angie’s idea) partly because of the figure skater Katarina Witt, but mostly because of the obvious nickname possibility: “Kat”.  See some photos of Katarina, in all her cuteness, below:

Katarina's first lap nap  

Katarina came to us from the sister of a friend, whose cat had her third (and probably final) litter.  We didn’t yet have a cat carrier to transport her home so we used a medium sized cardboard box with some towels in it.  We made sure to rub the towels all over her mother and siblings before we left (who didn’t seem to mind in the least) so she would have some familiar smells for her trip.

She mewed the whole way home and tried to work her way out of the box - which was heartwrenching to witness.  The ride was over and hour, so we were tempted to take her out a couple of times.  This would have probably been disasterous, especially for my leather seats, but we managed to wait it out and by the time we got home she was surprisingly quiet.  She seemed a little shell-shocked initially (understandably), but when I picked her up she purred almost immediately.  And when I handed her over to Angie she fell asleep within minutes (pictured above).

We kept her in the bathroom initially, so she wouldn’t get too overwhelmed by her foreign surroundings.  Although it was a little cramped in there for the three of us, it didn’t take her much time to get accustomed to her litter box and food dish - as you can see her chowing down in the photo below.  (And in case you were wondering, despite our excitement, we refrained from taking any pictures of her using the litter box)

Katarina's first feeding   Sleeping in her bed for the first time

As you can see in the photo above, Katarina often tucks her tail in when she eats.  I’m not sure why she does it.  To preserve warmth?  To hide those little white feet of hers while she’s vulnerable eating?  Whatever the reason - it’s really cute to see.  On the right you can see her taking a nap, while simultaneously demonstrating her impersonation of a hedgehog.

If you couldn’t tell already, this little fur ball is everything we could have wanted in a kitten, and we are absolutely delighted to have the new “baby” in our family.

There will be more pictures (and videos!) of Katarina to come, so stay tuned…


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3 comments for “Introducing… Katarina”

  1. The internet is for posting pictures of your cat. And porn. But mostly cats.

  2. Paul, you have the cutest pussy out there.

  3. She is the cutest kitty I have ever seen! You two are so lucky to have her.

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