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January 16th, 2010

If I haven’t said it to you by now, happy new year!  With 2009 firmly behind us, I can confidently say: good riddance.  For various reasons last year was certainly not my favorite, so I’m definitely looking forward to what good things 2010 will bring.

Now is when I could make some grandiose statement about how I resolve to post here regularly again (as if I ever did), but it seems those kinds of promises are destined to be broken.  That said, I do have some thoughts kicking around that will hopefully find their way here soon.  So we’ll see ;-).

With each new year I don’t create a resolution, per se, but I do try to have a word or theme that I try to follow.  It’s a simple way to remind myself about what I’d like to improve upon.  In previous years it had been things like connect - communicate with friends and family more, be more aware of what events are going on locally, etc., or simplify - reduce the “noise” in my house, my inbox, and my life in general (after I overachieved on my “connect”, principle, most likely ;-).

What if you really *could* stop time?

This year, I want to have more free time - and really, don’t we all?  Perhaps I was in part inspired by the incredibly awesome game Braid (where that hourglass image comes from), but I want to make sure this year I live in the moment, enjoy what I have, and worry less about what the future may or may not hold.  Something we could all benefit from doing more often, right?

The most obvious thing to do would be to work less (both in my job and at home), but to simply ignore / not do things that need to be done is not the answer I’m looking for.  I think one key is improved organization and efficiency.  To use technology where possible to keep my to do lists, thoughts, and other information easily accessible and actionable.  To reduce activities that waste time, and spend the most time on the things that truly matter, and will satisfy me the most.

So some of the posts you may see pop up in the coming weeks/months will discuss some of the things I’ve found, and techniques I’m using that are helping me with this goal.  That is, if I have the time to post them ;-).

What do you think?  Is there anything helping you have more free time in 2010?  Any other good resolutions out there worth keeping?


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2 comments for “Hello 2010”

  1. I really like the idea that your years have themes. My theme this year would be to live in the moment and not think about the future. When I stay in the moment and fully live it, and experience it, I am my most happiest. I tend to intellectualize and re-hearse the future and that does not always serve me well. I am much better off letting things unfold. Hard to do when you are a thinker, and ” in your head” the way I am. Good Luck this year. Maybe I too, will try to give myself less to do instead of more…

  2. Thanks Mom :-)

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