June 11th, 2008

Today was a good day.

As you can see, I managed to get my hands on an 80GB PS3 / MGS4 bundle. Though it wasn’t entirely by accident, it was certainly by chance.

I went to the local Walmart this morning at about 6:45 AM, and ended up second in line. I was a little surprised because I expected either no one to be there at all, or the place to be completely mobbed. I’ve never really attended any “new release” store openings, so I didn’t know what to expect - and It was hard to gauge how elusive this PS3 bundle was going to be, as Amazon.com had sold out of them earlier this week, but Andre and I figured we ought to give it a shot.

Ending up 2nd in line paid off because it turned out there were only 4 stinkin’ units for sale. For some reason (as a Father’s day promotion, maybe?) Walmart has been giving away $100 gift cards with any purchase of a Blu-Ray player - which the PS3 just so happens to be - which is the whole reason I was trying to buy it from there in the first place. So not only did I get the system, but I got the gift card to boot. Pretty sweet.

Andre, on the other hand, did not fare as well. Though he was intending to meet up with me there at 6:45, he showed up a couple minutes later and ended up 6th in line. At the time it was unclear if that was going to make any difference - but when the “rumor” that there were only to be 4 units sold proved true, Andre had no choice but to walk away empty handed. Well that or try to ambush someone in the parking lot.

Despite my early morning excitement, I made it through the work day, and quickly came home to see what was in store. Well, what was in the box.

Katarina had to inspect the new merchandise, of course.

And there she is! What a sexy beast (the PS3, I mean).

With the gift card I picked up GTAIV (of course), and will actually be playing that before I start in on MGS4 (because I still have not finished MGS3, but definitely want to). If anything noteable comes out of either experience, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Lastly, if you were wondering what that framed picture of Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) is doing in that first photo - I originally added it simply as a means of “watermarking” the shot of the PS3. For the few of you who would recognize it, I figured it was a fun way to identify that the system was in fact in my possession. However, on closer inspection, it seems the two old men prone to squatting appear to have more in common than I would have ever thought:

Throw a headband on Frank Black, and a prominently displayed watch on Old Snake and I’m not even sure you’d be able to tell them apart. They’re practically the same person!

Eh, maybe not.

I guess I’ll just throw some old Millennium DVDs into my new PS3 and call it a day.

And quite a good one at that.


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2 comments for ““!””

  1. Ah, Lance lives on. Good to know.

    Also, it took me a minute of trying to figure out what the hell was showing on the tv behind the picture before I realized it wasn’t a tv at all, but rather a fake fireplace. Yeah….

    Ok, time to screw the donuts.

  2. Ah..you and I must be related. Today I successfully scanned my father escorting Princess Diana somewhere special. I could have used your far superior skills at morfing people together. I’ll send you my pitiful attempts..maybe you could fix?

    I’m more interested in that gorgeous kitty perched on the box!!Although I always loved that photo of Lance!

    But anyway, happy gaming..

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